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Family Fireworks

Title: Family Fireworks
Author: alisanne
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood, Dudley Dursley/OFC
Challenge: Written for the 2014 mini_fest fest. Prompt: #47: Either Harry and/or someone close to him runs into the Dursleys after the war (while Christmas shopping in Oxford Street, or queuing for the Christmas Eve concert in King's College in Cambridge, or at a street party during Hogmanay in Edinburgh – you pick!). What happens? Fluff, angst or typical British awkwardness ensues.
Word Count/Art Medium: 1605
Rating: G
Contains (Highlight to view): *Fluffy family reunion.*
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: Thanks to my beta readers, sevfan and emynn, and to the fest mods for their assistance. Thanks also to hiddenhibernian for the fun prompt!
I have no idea if fireworks are actually a part of the holiday celebrations on Oxford Street, but let’s pretend they are for the purposes of this story, yes? :)
Summary: Unplanned family reunions can be awkward, but they can also be wonderful.

Read Family Fireworks on LJ/IJ/DW.
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Wedding Pull

Title: Wedding Pull
Author: alisanne
Rating: R
Pairing: Dudley Dursley/Greg Goyle, Severus Snape/Harry Potter (background).
Summary: Dudley hates wedding, although maybe this one is special.
Word Count: 1045
Genre: Erotica
Warnings: Food porn.
A/N: Written for hp_may_madness's 2014 fest.
Day four prompt(s) used: Mint and food porn (liquid cheesecake included for the mod).
The pairing was inadvertently suggested by birdsofshore. ;)
Beta: Unbetaed. Poke me if you see anything.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Read Wedding Pull on LJ/IJ/DW.
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Banners from the 2013 dudley_redeemed fest!

Darling Dudley-Redeemers!

Your mods were so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love during the 2013 fest that we songquake plumb forgot to give you your participant banners!

So, with abject apologies (we know how much you were hoping to get prettyness up with your fics), we present them to you now.

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We'll also be sending you an email letting you know about this post (since people seem to drop off LiveJournal more and more, and don't always return).

Thanks for your forbearance, everyone!

The 2013 Dudley Redeemed Fest Masterlist

Are you ready to look, Dudley, and see what all the nice people have made for you this year?

In alphabetical order by title, here they are!

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And with that, Petunia now dons her best frock in order to declare this year's fest closed. You are free to post elsewhere, while still free to comment and to respond to comments. Thank you to everyone for playing so nicely (unlike that time when that awful Malcolm boy came round and poor Dudders ended up being forced to have a tantrum).

Just before we go, though, because we all know how much Dud likes to count up his gifts, here are a few statistics.

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Th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!

Yesterday's lovely long fic marks the end of posting for the 2013 dudley_redeemed fest. Here's the week two round-up to help you to catch up with all your reading before we post the Masterlist next week and declare the party over.

Podfic: Cocktail Hour by sisi_rambles. Rating PG-13. 13 mins.
Fic: The Past that Haunts Us by masteroftrouble. Rating PG. 3,000 words.

Fic: Stripped Bare by anguis_1 (Dudley/Hermione). Rating R. 7,000 words.

Fic: English Summer Rain by wwmrsweasleydo (Dudley/Charlie). Rating R. 6,000 words.
Second Cup by katmarajade (Dudley/Draco). Rating PG-13. 12,000 words.

Word counts have been rounded up. Don't forget to comment and to respond to comments. Thank you!

FIC. "Second Cup" by katmarajade, Dudley/Draco, PG-13

Title: Second Cup
Author: katmarajade
Prompt: Coffee Shop Fic
Pairing: Dudley/Draco (with sides of Zacharias/Marietta & Angelina/Alicia)
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Some language; discussion and a brief, non-graphic scene of bullying; excessive caffeine.
Word count: 11,867
Summary: Down on his luck, Dudley finds his second chance in a most unexpected place: a coffee shop owned by Zach and Marietta. He learns how to roast coffee beans, make a mean macchiato, and that he’s not the only one struggling to move on from past mistakes.
Author's notes: Many thanks to the mods for hosting this party and for being extremely patient with my delays and frazzled emails. Thanks also to aigooism for looking this over and general cheerleading, wwmrsweasleydo for her detailed beta and britpick, starsandgraces for cheerfully answering a bajillion britpicky questions, my many f-listers who helped me come up with all the coffee drinks in here, browngirl for her guidance on Angelina’s hair, and also my husband, who betaed this like the hero he is (even though I don’t think he cares one bit whether Dudley is redeemed or not!)
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all associated characters and settings remain the intellectual property of JK Rowling and her associates. We are very grateful for permission to play with them.
Mod note: Posted to Dreamwidth because of LJ's length restrictions.

Second Cup on Dreamwidth

FIC. "The Past that Haunts Us" by masteroftrouble, Gen, PG

Title: The Past that Haunts Us
Author/Artist: masteroftrouble
Prompt: #57 submitted by janejenajeny: Under all that brawn is a whole lot of brain. Write me a story where Dudley grows up to become some sort of intellectual. A professor, writer, doctor, scientist, etc.
Pairing, or gen: Gen, Dudley & James, past Dudley/unnamed female magical character
Rating: PG (there are small bits of language, but nothing horrible)
Warning(s): touch of angst, (mentioned) main character deaths, family abandonment
Word count/medium: a little over 3k
Summary/Excerpt: He couldn't handle it when his first daughter received a Hogwart's letter. He hadn't noticed the signs, hadn't seen her freakish nature. He's turned his back and left them and hasn't looked back since. At least, not until a very stubborn squib shows up in his class.
Author's or Artist's notes: Wow, hi random angst that came with this. I didn't expect that when I first grabbed this prompt, but Dudley does what Dudley wants! Characters who died are not the main characters of this fic, but they are of the HP series, so I figured the warning was appropriate. I'm sorry if this is nowhere near what you wanted.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all associated characters and settings remain the intellectual property of JK Rowling and her associates. We are very grateful for permission to play with them.

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FIC. "English Summer Rain" by wwmrsweasleydo, Dudley/Charlie, R

Title: English Summer Rain
Author/Artist: wwmrsweasleydo
Prompt: Own. A sequel to Just Another Nancy Boy?
Pairing, or gen: Dudley/Charlie
Rating: R
Warning(s): Brief and mild homophobia and Muggle-phobia, boxing, references to oral sex and other sexual acts.
Word count/medium: 6,000
Summary/Excerpt: "Ron and his friends are meeting up in the Leaky Cauldron tonight. You should go along, take your mind off things." Molly thrust a pile of wet plates at him and he pulled out his wand to dry them. Then she waggled her eyebrows and he sighed inwardly. "Maybe meet someone there." Charlie's spending a summer in England, but he's damned if he's going to settle there like his mother wants him to. He's not expecting to meet someone who'll make him question that decision.
The events of Just Another Nancy Boy? and after, told from Charlie's POV. This story stands alone, though, and you don't need to have read the other.
Author's or Artist's notes: Still no actual explicit smut, but hopefully this provides a more satisfying ending to my previous dudley_redeemed fic.
A thousand 'thank you's to emansil_12 for everything including twizzlers, but specifically for the beta.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all associated characters and settings remain the intellectual property of JK Rowling and her associates. We are very grateful for permission to play with them. The title and quoted lyrics are taken from the Placebo song of the same name.

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PODFIC: "Cocktail Hour", by pretty panther, podficced by sisi rambles. Gen. PG-13

Title: Cocktail Hour
Author: pretty_panther
Podficcer: sisi_rambles
Pairing, or gen: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): NA
Link to text : here
Author's Summary: No one wants to work in a bar or restaurant when the Ministry is crying out for fresh minds and faces, or when people can start up their own businesses in the ruins of Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley. This is problematic, to say the least, for Hannah Abbot who was quite able to start up her own business in taking over the Leaky Cauldron but now finds herself struggling to actually staff it.
Podficcer's notes: Thanks to pretty_panther for the permission and margi_lynn for the listen.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all associated characters and settings remain the intellectual property of JK Rowling and her associates. We are very grateful for permission to play with them.

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